Let the debate begin

The Pittsburgh Steelers knocked off the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII on February 1 in dramatic fashion, with Ben Roethlisberger finding Santonio Holmes in the back right corner of the end zone in the final minute.

The win was Pittsburgh’s second title in the last four years, and the sixth in franchise history.

Around the country, there has been some consideration that this year’s Super Bowl was the best ever, and that the Steelers are now in the discussion when it comes to the best team of this decade. Patriots fans, we think, may disagree on both topics. Haven’t the Patriots been involved in some pretty incredible Super Bowls? And don’t they have a trio of Lombardi Trophys since this decade began?

We want to hear from you. Post a comment right here on the Patriots Today blog and your voice may be heard in an upcoming edition of the show.

Thanks for your input…let’s get the debate started!

12 Responses to Let the debate begin

  1. Travis says:

    I think that if the steelers are going to contest the pats for team of the decade they have to repeat next year. Otherwise two super bowl wins does not compare to three superbowl wins, the first team to go 16 – 0, and the records that Brady and Moss set last year. Beating the Seahawks and the Cardinals in no way compares to beating the 2001 Rams, the Panthers and the Eagles.I understand that they are the first franchise to win six superbowls, but somehow that doesnt impress me. I think that if the N.Y Giants win the Superbowl next year (as long as plexico doesn’t shoot himself at applebees again)they would have a more compelling argument for team of the decade.

  2. The Patriots are “THE TEAM OF THE DECADE”. Did the rest of the world forget that the Patriots beat the steelers twice in the 2001 & 2004 AFC Chamionship. So its not even close, “THE TEAM OF THE DECADE” resides in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The steelers won two titles and rightfully so, But they never had to go through New England to win those two titles and not to mention, The Patriots beat the steelers in their own back yard in the two conference (2001 & 2004) Championship games. So “THE TEAM OF THE DECADE” is still the “NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS”. End of Discussion.


  4. Jorge Pena says:

    i am number one fan of the patriots. i was sad when the steelers won because i do not like them. the steelers should be ashemed because the cardinals are not as good as the steelers but still just lost by 4 point. and i am jorge pena i live in jacksonville florida GO PATRIOTS!!!!

  5. Lucas Postolos says:

    The great thing about the Pats Super Bowl win against the Rams is that the Pats upset the “Greatest Show on Turf.” Pittsburgh was expected to beat the Rams, and it just happened that it was close. As for team of the decade, come on. No one outside Pittsburgh truly thinks the Steelers compete. The Pats slaughtered them IN Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship on the road to just one of their three Super Bowl wins. Plus I can’t remember the last time Pittsburgh beat us in the playoffs. So down from Houston, Texas, GO PATS.

  6. Lucas Postolos says:

    Plus, the decade’s not over, and the Pats, with Brady or Cassel, have a legit shot.

  7. Doug says:

    Look the name says it all they are steelers and I think they stole it. Come-on the salt shaker missed call could have cost them the game….NFL wanted them to win.,.,.,.so they did…

  8. Doug says:

    They are just saying that because they have got 6 now that is all they are basing it on not how many they got in 10 yrs…

  9. josh ruiter says:

    the patriots are the best team of the decade becuase the pats have won 3 superbowls in 4 years and the steelers 2 in 4 years

  10. Chuck Dentico says:

    The New England Patriots’ success story is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of, then you apply the genious of an effective coach with the fortitude to build a team with the finest specialized talent in league history and you have the equation for the “team of the decade”. Vince Lombardi did it in the 60’s, Chuck Knoll in the 70’s, Bill Walsh in the 80’s, Jimmy Johnson in the 90’s and now, Bill Belichick in the 21st century’s opening decade. Three Super Bowl championships in five seasons plus a 4-1 record in AFC Championship games definitely constitutes the title of Team of the Decade. Besides, the decade isn’t over yet. I still think Tom Brady and that powerful offense can bring home yet another ring in 2009/10.

  11. Jeff Boludc says:

    The Steelers have done a lot in this decade, so haven’t the Patriots. So they are both the top two choices in my mind. But every season all leads up to the Superbowl. That is what every team strives for. So if the patriots have been to four, won 3. While the Steelers have been to 2 and won 2. One piont patriots. Who had the 16-0 season? two points patriots. who had the superstar quarterback, setting records for himself and the team. Three points Patriots. Who had their starting QB go down in game won and still won 11 game. Unless the steelers go 19-0 next, set records, I see nothing that can take this away from New England. One year left to shine, as long as Patriots do well, make playoffs, they will be the team of the decade.

  12. Remember These Results.

    2001 AFC Campionship: Patriots 24
    Steelers 17

    2004 AFC Championship Patriots 41
    Steelers 27

    Enough Said Right There. The Patriots Are “THE TEAM OF THE DECADE”.

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